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|   ) All files come from a 3rd party server and are not stored locally on this server.Q: How can I use the built in shell_exec() function to launch a browser using PHP? I would like to launch a website via my web server that is running via Apache/PHP. The website requires a login. I would like to automate the login process. I know I can use shell_exec() to launch a website, but I would like to skip the login part. The website in question is just a webpage. Is there a way I can do this with shell_exec()? I'm thinking of something like this, but it is not working: shell_exec("open "); Thanks. A: For automation and quicker development, you could consider the Selenium ( or PHPUnit ( tools. They allow you to run websites in browsers, both desktop and mobile, and are used to test web applications and websites. You can also look at the Symfony ( and Symfony components ( and test whether the functionality is already built into a framework. Q: How to scrape a website with multiple pages? I am trying to scrape a list of building names from this website: The problem is I cannot see the list of building names when I run the following code. Does anyone know why? import urllib.request from bs4 import BeautifulSoup main_url = '' page = urllib.request.urlopen(main_url).read() soup = BeautifulSoup(page) buildings = soup.find_all('a') for buildings in buildings: print (buildings) The data you are scraping is an AJAX content which is loaded via JavaScript. What I would do is to use the ajax request requests library for Python to perform your request and when the data is returned, grab the json response body with the json module.



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Fame Girls Isabella 041Fame Girls Isabella 041 sandilbu

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