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Sustainable Shopping

Great for the environment, great for your pocket.


About us

Share the Love NI promotes a sustainable way of shopping by offering quality, pre-loved designer, high street and supermarket brand children’s clothing at affordable prices.

Better for the environment, better for your pocket.
How do we protect the environment?

Pre-loved clothes shops like Share the Love NI, create a circular economy which means less waste and fewer new items of clothing are required.  An estimated £140million /300,ooo tonnes of clothing is sent to landfill in the UK every year.  Much of this is still wearable, so by creating a circular economy for fashion we can reduce the carbon footprint of clothing and do our bit to save the planet.
You can help by saying goodbye to fast fashion!

By choosing to shop pre-loved instead of buying new.  At Share the Love NI you’ll find clothing for all seasons for babies and children from 0-5 years. Our stock changes regularly and many items have been barely or never worn.
Time to grab a bargain and do your bit!

Toddler in Bed wearing a babygrow from Share the Love NI, an environmentally friendly way to shop supoorting a circular economy
clothing from Share the Love NI being folder and wrapped on a table, ready to be sent to a customer.  On the table is a vase of flowers and a sheet of labels that say Share the Love NI.

Share the Love NI is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The pre-loved children's clothing company was developed by a couple of friends who are passionate about making small changes to create a more sustainable, less wasteful world.

About Us

Babies and young children grow so quickly, as a result barely-worn, and sometimes never-worn, clothing is often thrown away.


At Share the Love our mission is to ensure these beautiful items of clothing are made available so that another child can enjoy them, creating a more sustainable way of shopping.

Every item on our website has been thoroughly quality checked so you can rest assured you will receive clothing which is as good as new (if not actually new in some cases).

If you would like to declutter your wardrobes and free up some space, you can sell your pre-loved children’s clothing to us.

Find out how here.

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